We believe that by doing a small thing, you can create happiness. We're starting by delivering one cup of happiness at a time.

Our Mission

We believe that the small things matter. That the smallest of gestures can have a profound effect, and by connecting people with kindness we can change the world. One cup of happiness at a time.


Be Grateful
Gratitude is in everything we do. And we're grateful for you sharing your stories, and your gratitudes with us. We are constantly grateful for the small things in life (and the big ones)!

Little Things Matter
Changing the world is a big goal. By starting with the little things you can be part of making a small change in someone's life.

Do Something
There is no substitute in life for just doing something. And starting small makes it easy to continue.

Have fun
While creating a happier world is a serious business, you can't do this without having a little fun along the way. We try to create fun in all the things we do.

Creating Happiness & A Sense of Wonder
Our aim, to surprise and delight, to create small pockets of happiness, and create a sense of wonder for our nominees

Some other things we're passionate about:


We are dedicated to spreading gratitude and happiness.

10% of ALL profits of Happy Coffee will be donated to Action for Happiness