Our Story

Three years ago Sarah "won" a prize of £10.00 with the answer to the question

"How would you use £10.00 to make the world a happier place?"

The idea? Give the money to someone else, get them to use the money to make someone they meet happy. The ultimate pay it forward.

Next morning the £10 still in my pocket serendipity arrived in the guise of our work coffee van. I gave the driver the £10 with the instructions to pay for coffee for people the owners wanted to make happy.
Job done, cappuccino in hand I felt happy.

3 weeks later this note arrived back via the coffee van.

"Passing around the happiness
One dull tough morning you made a gesture that did indeed make me happy & restored some faith in human nature,
This note & enclosed pieces are small but heartfelt "Thank-yous" for doing so much more than buying me a coffee

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you"

The idea of Happy Coffee was born. Today we are launching this social enterprise of giving.

So get going - find out more about how Happy Coffee works, nominate someone or buy a stranger a cup of coffee and make their day.

You'll probably find it so much more than buying them a coffee.

Love & Gratitude,

Sarah & Charlotte

Nominate someone to receive a cup of happiness by telling us their story.

Spread some happiness; buy a cup of coffee for a stranger and make their day.

Want to learn more about how Happy Coffee works?